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About the Artist - Roxane Berard
Roxane was born in Belgium. Her father was a high-fashion designer and she assumes she inherited her artistic abilities from him.

Roxane - Click for resume Her early childhood was spent in France and Porgtugal; her parents eventually came to the United States. After elementary school in New York, she enrolled in the High School of Music and Art as an art major. Having danced since the age of nine, when the High School of Performing Arts opened, she auditioned and was accepted in both the dance and drama departments.

Roxane's love for acting led her to the stage and eventually she moved to Los Angeles where she was signed by the William Morris Agency. She appeared in most of the popular shows of the sixties and seventies.

Never losing her love for art, she resumed drawing and painting and is now actively involved in murals which she feels can totally change the mood of a room or exterior wall giving new life to a dull area.

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About the San Diego, California artist and muralist - Roxane Berard

Not Roxanne but Roxane, not Berrard or Burard or Burrard or Bernard, but Berard

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